About Us

Our Experience


At COMPLYUSA we believe that modern privacy laws present the one of the most sweeping and disruptive technology events in decades.  With more years in the retail industry than we like to admit, we decided to focus our experience on privacy.  Our COST EFFICIENT COMPLIANCE process is designed to help you comply quickly and cost effectively. Talk to us today about how we can help you comply without breaking your budget.

Our Approach


Our COST EFFECTIVE COMPLIANCE process provides you with a guided path to apply reasonable commercial efforts to a sometimes unreasonable set of regulations.  We show you how to create your Record of Data Processing Activity without requiring an army of consultants, an unlimited scope, and a bottomless bank account.

Why Us?


COMPLYUSA is the ONLY company that combines:

  • DEEP retail industry IT experience
    • We probably either wrote or installed some of your key systems
  • Inventor of the world's only CCPA automation platform => Truyo!
  • Experienced stable of more than +150 dedicated retail industry experts